Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snow Days

We have has some serious snow and bone chilling cold this month. Last Friday made it snow day number 6 for our school. We were right in the middle of exams that we had to push back because of all of the snow days added onto our Christmas break. Many fellow teachers and friends have predicted that we'll have at least one snow day this next week. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm ready to get back to a normal routine.

We've been keeping our feeders filled. Our squirrel pals not only eat all of their corn, but also eat the peanuts for the blue jays. We're going through seed and corn like crazy. We enjoy watching all of the activity in our backyard.

Our cat Sebastien has also enjoyed watching the birds and squirrels. He runs from the front living room window to the back porch windows. When he's not bird-watching I can find Sebastien sitting next to Bella in front of the heating vents.

I purchased new curtains for the living room. They really seem to brighten the space and help keep out the cold draft from the windows.

Our Amarilis bloomed in the kitchen. It's so pretty and pink. I wish it would last longer.

We found 10 rolls of film. We got them developed and were so happy with the photos. Of course the majority of them were of Michael. This was from Christmas. He loved his new big boy undies. I'm happy to say he figured out that the undies go under the pants not over them.

I was so excited when my yarn was finally delivered from Deramores. Just look at all of those juicy colors.

And my new crochet book arrived from amazon. Woot!

I immediately put the yarn to good use. My ripply blanket is well under way. It brightens my day and makes me happy as I work each new ripply row of color. The blanket has 227 stitches per row and I'm using 17 colors, four rows for each color. The colors look like waves rolling onto the beach.

No snowy day would be complete without some chocolate chip cookies. Of course the best way to eat them is to dunk them in milk. Yum!

What have you been doing to keep busy during these wintery snowy days?

Keep warm!


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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Some Hooky Projects: Ripples, hearts, and snowflakes

Over Christmas break I began working on a ripply blanket for my cousin's new baby. She's having a girl and naming her Elsie. Her due date was just moved up by two weeks. I better get hooking to finish it on time. I love the bright colors. The yarn I used was Caron SImply Soft Watermelon, Soft Blue, and Sunshine. This is actually the first ripple blanket that I've made. Well I did make a round ripple for my cousin's daughter Claire. For this ripply blanket I used Lucy's pattern found here. Lucy's pattern is so easy to follow.

Another tiny project I began over our extended Christmas break was a snowflake garland. Our break was extended due to the "polar vortex." The temperatures in my neck of the woods dropped to nine below with wind chills -20ish. The roads were an icy mess because it had rained most of the day on Sunday and then the cold set in and froze everything. Plus it began to snow, and snow, and snow. We were off from school an additional four days. I made three different snowflakes for my garland. You can find the patterns here, here, and here. I worked this garland up in an afternoon.

Yesterday I decided to make some hearts to decorate for Valentine's day. I realized that I really go all out for Christmas, but when it comes to other holidays I don't decorate nearly as much. The hearts are going to be used to make two different decorations. I'll be stringing the hearts on a garland like the snowflakes to hang from my hutch.

The second way I'm using the hearts is to crochet two together and then stuff them with batting. I'll hang these ornaments around the house. You can find the pattern for the hearts here.

Finally I made some granny square hearts to place under some of my candy dishes. The pattern for these hearts can be found here.

I hope you can use some of these patterns in your own home.


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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Honey and Cinnamon

I found this post on FaceBook this morning. I thought it quite interesting and decided to share it with you. Enjoy.

Post by Donna Hayes.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Treasures Bring Fond Memories

My MomMom and PaPa loved the Christmas season. This Christmas was the first one without either of my grandparents. It was tough at times and yet filled with bittersweet memories. These are some of the ornaments and Christmas decor that we brought home from my grandparents to decorate for the Christmas season. Enjoy.

This is our version of Elf on the Shelf. He's been
with our family a long time.

PaPa's star. It was one of the originals from the
gift shop, Switzer's Holiday House.

Santa in his sled.

Golden bell.

Crystal Angel

Crystal Tree

Crystal Nativity

Glass Teardrop

One of our favorite places to visit when we vacationed
in Myrtle Beach, Pawley's Island.

PaPa made these Christmas Caroling mice in his wood shop.

Mr. and Mrs. Clause with their little helper. PaPa made these
cutouts as well.

MomMom's goose, who I've named Penelope, wears her
caroling ensemble while sitting in the snow
by the back porch.

Rudolph, another of PaPa's creations,
 lights the way to our front door.

Mr. Snowman stands guard in the middle
of the garage doors.
PaPa made him from a telephone pole.


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