Sunday, September 25, 2011

What an Accomplishment

Michael and PaPa
My grandfather, who I fondly refer to as PaPa, has been working with the Fostoria School District for many years as his father did before him. PaPa has been a member of the city council, coached, and kept time for both football and basketball games. Last year he became the oldest time keeper for boys and girls track. He's 92 and still going strong.

Lending a Hand

I get a little crazy at the start of a new school year. Things that don't normally bother me suddenly become mountains that I must climb. Matt and Michael know to stay out of my way when I begin getting things put in their place the first weeks of school. It's almost like nesting when I was pregnant. I've been a busy girl since school began, writing lesson plans, grading papers, attending meetings, and such. Thus, my house has felt neglected.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Classroom: A Few Changes

This bulletin board is toward the front of our classroom. Here I post the syllabus, graduation requirements, editing information, and bell schedules. Student work is also important, but I hang it all over the walls of our room, front, back and sides. Most of the time the students choose the place where they want to display their work.

The Continuing Saga of My Roof

My ceiling isn't getting any better...

Kitchen ceiling in front of sink

Interesting Read for Classroom Teachers

I thought I'd share this article with those of you who may be teachers.

Aalbano: How to Create a Highly Effective Inclusion Classroom | Classroom Solutions

Last year was the first time that I had so many inclusion students in one English classroom. In a class of 30 kids almost half were on an IEP. Often times teachers feel frustrated trying to level the playing field for all kids in the classroom, especially when a teacher feels alone in this endeavor. I don't know about you, but I only had to take one class in special education to graduate with my degree in education. It's just not enough. Luckily, I had an intervention specialist, Danielle, who worked with me in my classroom. Danielle, along with our whole team of intervention specialists, were a Godsend for me.

Today while reading some of the blogs I follow, I came across this article on How to Create a Highly Effective Inclusion Classroom. It's got some nice ideas. Enjoy.