Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sweet Corn

I love this time of the summer. Farm markets are bursting with fresh fruit and vegetables. Here at the lake peaches are abundant. I have six sitting in my windowsill waiting to be pealed for fresh peach cobbler. YUM!
We also have two cantaloupes and a watermelon in the fridge. One of my favorite breakfasts is fresh cantaloupe with a scoop of cottage cheese. I wonder if I can find a substitute for the cottage cheese since I'm no longer eating dairy. That's a story for another time.

As I write or type, Matt is firing up the grill for his juicy hamburgers with fresh tomato, onion, lettuce, and pickle (my burger only). Matt hates pickles on his burger. He also stopped by at Hahns' Farm Market to purchase their fresh out of the field sweet corn. I've had tons of sweet corn in my day, but nothing comes close to the sweet taste of summer from Hahns' Market. Bi-color sweet corn fresh off the grill with melted butter and salt. My mouth is watering. I could eat the corn alone and skip the burger. Shhhh...don't tell Matt that I said that.

Residents in this area eagerly await the day that the Hahns family places the sign at the end of their driveway and the end of Bogart Road announcing to all that the sweet corn is ready for purchase. This family has been selling sweet corn plus tomatoes, peppers, peaches, onions, and much more for as long as I have been living here. I'm sure it's even before I moved into the area. I was told by some other residents in Huron that they use the money to help send their children to college. Of course all of the kids work the farm market as well as help with the huge amount of work a farm brings with it.

Everyone I've ever dealt with has been pleasant and they always seem to slip a little something extra into the bag. This afternoon Matt stopped to purchase a dozen ears of corn, and we ended up with fourteen. What we don't eat gets cut off the cob and frozen for another time.

Happy picnicing!

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