Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Continuing Saga of My Roof

My ceiling isn't getting any better...

Kitchen ceiling in front of sink
Kitchen ceiling above sink

Living room ceilin

Kitchen wall above sink

In fact, more paint is flaking off. In some places it even appears to be sagging a little. The living room ceiling is below the place where the blue tarp covers the roof.

Friday came and went. Remember, this Friday was supposed to be our start date for the roof. On Thursday when no one showed up to deliver the supplies in our side yard, my hopes plummeted. Matt called the company again and spoke with one of the owners. Matt was told that because there were so many jobs that were "stolen" from the con-men the company was trying to work those jobs in along with the jobs that were "legitimate". They do not have the money to complete the numerous "stolen" jobs all at once. Legitimate or not my ceiling isn't getting any better.

I can understand they were scammed, so were we. BUT, how about a phone call to let us know about their game plan. OR better yet, how about returning OUR phone calls that we placed over the course of two weeks. Is customer service non existent? We've been wondering what was going on, and the City of Vermilion is losing its patience with us and our blue band aid of a roof. The building inspector knocked on our door yet again asking about the progress of the roof. I explained our latest communication with the company and the inspector kindly suggested we draft a letter to the city explaining our experience with this company.  It would get the city off of our backs for awhile and hopefully get the construction company moving a little faster.

I have tried in vane to reach the contractor, Mr. X, even before the inspector stopped at our house. When he met with my husband on that Friday two weeks ago (the only day of the week that I couldn't be there), he didn't seem to have the same color samples of the siding that the con-man showed me. Go figure. My husband new we wanted a blue color for the siding and a cream color for the trim. He chose the only blue this guy showed him, powder or baby blue. Now, we live in a harbor town that borders the lake. I wanted a nautical color, not a baby blue color. No offense if powder blue or baby blue is the color of your house, nut I was looking for a more stormy blue.

I looked online for the American Dream company who makes the siding and then began perusing their color choices. They do have a blue called Regatta that would work perfectly. They also have a Wheat color for the trim. However, I haven't been able to get in touch with Mr. X to make these changes let alone speak with him about our latest visit from the building inspector.

I have never been through something like this. We felt so blessed that our insurance would cover the expense of a new roof and siding for our 1950s home. We were so excited feeling as if we were getting a new house. I pictured my family sitting in the backyard having a cookout and looking at my new nautical blue house. My flowers would pop with color against that deep stormy blue. I figured we'd be enjoying it before summer was gone. Now I'm wondering if I'll get to enjoy it before Christmas. Sorry, I'm whining.

In my mind I hear the words over and over, "God does not give me more than I can handle." I'm still listening Lord.

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