Monday, January 16, 2012

I have never written a review before, nor have I ever purchased anything from DaySpring. I can honestly say it was a nice surprise when I received this rather large box containing two packs of cards, one of the packs was Birthday Inspirational Cards, and the other was for All Occasion Inspirational Cards, and a beautiful monthly organizer to keep them in. DaySpring gave me the cards and organizer to review for free. As such the opinions I write are my own.

The cards are printed on a thicker quality card stock and pop with color. I hate it when I purchase a card, and it feels flimsy like it's been printed on cheap paper. Some of the cards resemble photos and others have images that look like they've been artistically drawn. One of my favorite cards of the two collections is the one with the two little girls in the hammock. You can see the card in the photo above. The saying in the card reads "Good friends are the best therapy." On the inside front cover there is a Bible verse: "Just as water reflects the face, so one human heart reflects another." Proverbs 29:19 NRSV. This card will be perfect to send to one of my dearest friends who has been such a blessing to me in the past few weeks and months. On the blog (in)courage Jessica Turner writes about Writing a Card for Thanks and Encouragement. Check it out.

The expandable file organizer is a sturdy tote with an elastic band to latch it closed. Each of the twelve pockets expands to comfortably hold at least ten cards. At least that's how many cards I placed in each pocket. It's organized by month. Each month has a removable file folder.

Each file folder lists the name of the month, birthstone, and flower. I pulled September because that's when I was born.  There's also a nice quote at the top of each file. The one for September reads:
             "When days are crisp and the trees wear their latest autumn styles, 
              Opportunities abound for spreading warmth and smiles!"

Below the quote there are two columns, one for birthdays and the other for days to remember. This would be a nice system to keep even me organized. Just take the time to write in the names of people who have birthdays each month or anniversaries, etc. Then purchase the cards to fill the pockets. My Mom buys cards whenever she's sees them on sale, or when she sees a card that catches her eye, or has a good message. That way she always has cards on hand. In the lower right hand corner is a Bible verse that reads, "We know how dearly God loves us, and we feel his warm love everywhere." Romans 5:5 TLB.

I certainly hope that my little review has been helpful to someone out there in the blogging world. Please share your thoughts about writing or organizing cards. Who will you inspire with a card this month?

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