Saturday, February 25, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Not only did I kill my four adorable fishes that I've had since September, I also killed a new fish named Bettis. Yes, I killed them when I cleaned all of the algae out of my tank. Little did I know I was wreaking havoc on the biological kingdom of my tank. I have since spoken to a "professional" aquarist (is that a word?) and purchased and read cover to cover a book on how to care for my three new gold fish. Their names are Coco Chanel, Madeline, and Morgan.

Secret ingredient revealed. I have been baking chocolate chip cookies for years following my aunt's recipe. No one makes cookies as good as my aunt. Although I'm trying to come close. Monday I scored a home run! I baked chocolate chip cookies and tweaked the recipe yet again. My husband wishes I would just leave well enough alone. I didn't tell him I tweaked it, but he noticed anyway. He thinks this new batch is the bomb. Michael said they tasted exactly like my aunt's. Needless to say, the recipe she gave me is not exactly how I made them Monday. Creme of Tartar. Enough said.

I've enjoyed a blissful four day weekend doing absolutely nothing. Well, I did get sick. YUCK! Not a fun way to spend a holiday. While I was feeling under the weather I snuggled on the couch and watched Law and Order reruns I took a three and a half hour nap and still went to bed by ten on Saturday. I didn't get ANY grading done. BOO!

I'm so behind on reading my blogs, but I've finished two books and read 108 pages of the Count of Monte Cristo. My kids better have it read for class.

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