Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Midweek Confessions

Hey All! It's that time of the week again. Wednesdays sneak up on me so fast. So here's what I'm confessing this week. 

I have had an incurable sweet tooth this week. My friend and fellow teacher Danielle made cupcakes to share with the freshmen team yesterday at our meeting. I ate one and they were delicious! Thanks Danielle. Later after school at the staff meeting one of our secretaries Bev made cupcakes. I had a cupcake. Yummy! Two cupcakes in a two hour period. Whose the pig? I'm the pig. I can't keep my fingers out of the candy bowl. I have a candy dish at home filled with M & Ms both peanut and plain. They're almost gone. The same thing happens at school. When I go into the office I can't help taking a piece of candy from Jen's candy jar.

Last week I confessed that I'm addicted to my kindel. Well that hasn't changed. I love to curl up in bed under my heating blanket and read my kindel. I found I have another addiction...blogs. I enjoy reading everyone's blogs. Sometimes I think I enjoy reading blogs more than books. Maybe because they're about real life and people I can relate to. 

Because I've been spending so much time on my kindel reading my book and on the computer reading blogs I've been a total slacker. However, I finally tackled some laundry this week. Yeah! I only have three baskets to go.  It was really piling up. Oh. I also cleaned my house, swept, dusted, etc. But, only because my Dad called, while Matt, Michael, and I were shopping downtown, and announced they were in the area and wanted to stop by for a visit. We're not the drop kind of family. Dad said they would stop and eat dinner before getting there. Needless to say we flew home and scrubbed the house. Thanks to their visit our house is clean. 

I cut my bangs last night. I got my hair trimmed up two Saturdays ago and when she finished she asked what I thought. I said it looked so much better. However, when I got home I noticed my bangs were in my eyeballs and driving me nuts. Then when I went to curl it my layers had various lengths sticking up from my curling iron. I should go back and tell her to fix it, but I hate confrontation or hurting someone's feelings. I think I might go somewhere else and see if she can make my hair better.

These are my confessions this week. What do you want to confess this week?

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