Thursday, June 15, 2017

Eat to Live not Live to Eat Day 3

I must say I'm a little disappointed. Weighing myself this morning wasn't what I expected. I thought I would be down another pound. I wasn't. I stayed the same. Still, I'm down 2.5 pounds for the week. In Dr. Fuhrman's book, some people have lost up to 10 pounds in one week. I also read a blog about a woman who lost 7 pounds in her first week. This was what I expected when I began my journey two days ago. Now I know I shouldn't be tied to the scale, but I'm afraid if I don't weigh myself every day I might slide in the wrong direction. I need to be more patient. It is only my third day.

I wonder though if the Kind Nuts & Spice bar, the salad dressing, and the black bean soup had anything to do with it. I still remained within my daily points for Weight Watchers. Hmmm. Could my body be reacting to the new healthy food? Could my body be holding on to the fat because it thinks I'm starving? Some things to think about.

This morning I ate my overnight oats. They were delicious. I think I'm going to stick with these for the summer and when I go back to school. I can take them with me and eat them before class since I'm not hungry before I head out the door. I shared the idea with my Weight Watchers group tonight. Many of the members said they would give it a try. I also spoke to my WW leader and told her I was concerned about not using all of my daily points. She said as long as I was eating clean she wasn't worried about it. Whew!

For lunch, I made my salad, mixed greens, carrots, and cucumbers. I used Olive Garden Lite Italien dressing (1 WW point). I didn't make it as huge as the ones I had eaten on day one and two. Those salads were a little much for me to get through if you can believe it. It was still a large salad, but one I could handle eating. I figure if I'm still hungry after eating my salad I'll just make another one. One was enough. I also had some cantaloupe. However, by late afternoon I was hungry. My stomach growled for the first time since I began this journey.  Maybe my salad wasn't big enough. I didn't want to eat a whole lot since I was going back to Weight Watchers for the first time in months. I knew I would show weight gain, but I didn't want it to be too horrible. I decided to have a 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds since Dr. Fuhrman says that's what I can have a day. That did the trick.

For dinner, I ate my salad, mixed greens, carrots, and cucumbers. I also heated up some green beans. I just love green beans. Seriously. Hubby thinks I'm nuts. For dessert, I ate a banana.

I ate two salads. Check. I ate four fruits. Check, check. I drank a ton of water today. Check, check, check. I'm feeling pretty good about my day. All though I may have to learn to cook. I'm not too creative when it comes to fixing cooked veggies. I boil them in water.

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