Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunshiny Days in the Yard

It was so lovely to get outside and enjoy some sunshine working in my flower gardens.

This is MomMom's goose. She used to sit on MomMom's front porch greeting everyone with her seasonal outfits. Now she sits next to my back porch welcoming us home or bidding us good-bye each day. I love having her to remember my grandmother. She's going to be receiving a new coat of paint in the very near future.

We took a trip to the garden center to pick up some bags of mulch for the flower beds. Matt figured we needed 16 bags of brown mulch. Who would've guessed that Lowe's was having a sale on mulch, four bags for $10. Yippee! We bought our 16 bags, and I backed the car up to where some helpful employees loaded it up. These bags were huge! It's a good thing Michael decided to stay home and play otherwise he would be riding on the roof. The trunk was packed to the gills as was the back seat. I couldn't see out the back window so I let Matt drive home. We took the back way along the lakeshore instead of the freeway. It was slow-going. Our poor car, we really should get a truck for as much hauling as we do.

We started with the largest of the flower beds under Michael's "moon window" in the front of the house. Michael loves marigolds so before mulching we added some to the front corner in front of the boxwood. I love the smell of boxwood. It reminds me of Williamsburg.

Pansies are a perfect spring-time flower. This purply one looks like she's got a little face peeking out at us.

This is Peter Rabbit. He's a new addition to the front flower bed. He also came to our house from MomMom. I hope he likes his new home.

Sadly I had a jasmine bush where this Southern Comfort plant nows sits. I forgot to bring the jasmine in before winter. Ooops. Jasmine doesn't fare well in northern Ohio, especially in the winter.  I don't much care for the beverage Southern Comfort (that's another story), but I do love the color of this plant.

This is the end result of the front flower bed. Ta-dah! I still need to add some annuals for more color. But we're going to wait because the weather hasn't been cooperating around here.

Next came the second of the front flower beds. This one I'm nervous about. Jack, my black lab who never listens, likes to walk in this particular bed and wrap his lead around my Bluebeard bush. That would be the rather twiggy looking thing to the left. Over this past year I have found numerous pieces and parts left laying in the yard or caught in Jack's lead. I would rather tie him out back, but Matt doesn't want Jack's poop where we spend most of our time. I guess the poor mailman doesn't rank and therefor must maneuver through the landmines in our front yard. A new chore for Michael, scooping the poop! Sorry Michael, but somebody has to do it, and I know I scooped my fair share growing up. Then I used a shovel. Now they have actual scoopers with claws that grabs it up. I wonder if Lowe's carries pooper scoopers? I digress. I hope my Bluebeard bush rallies.

We continued our mulching down the side of the house where my lovely rosebushes reside.

On around the corner to the back stoop where Mr. Toad lives under the Hastas.

I love this goose planter. Matt found it in the rafters of the garage when we first moved to our little blue cottage of a house.

Isabella was a huge help today. She kept me company while I dug in the dirt, planted flowers, and spread mulch. We used my little red wagon to haul the flowers from bed to bed.

My little red wagon was tucked away in the garage at MomMom and PaPa's house. My aunt found it for me. Yes. It's old. At least 45 years old because PaPa used to pull me around in it behind the tractor while he mowed the lawn. I used to squeal with delight when he turned a corner. I couldn't wait to drive the tractor myself. Once he did teach me, I mowed the lawn any chance I got. Yea, I know. I'm weird. I would ride around for the two hours it took to mow listening to music on my walkman and singing at the top of my lungs. I don't think the neighbors appreciated that much.

While we were working the first sun tea of the season was brewing. When we finished we poured ourselves a tall glass of tea over ice and walked around the yard admiring all of our hard work.

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